Educational toys are very important in your child’s life because they have many and varied benefits. They help your child discover and develop fundamental skills and abilities including problem-solving, cognitive thinking, language and literacy, counting, and much more. Educational toys ought to be creative for them to provide fun and interest your children. Toys are made of different materials like plastic, cotton, metal, and wood all of which are safe and non-toxic.

It’s always important to remember that every child has their own tastes and preferences which you should factor in during toys selection. Don’t just buy them toys for the sake of it, but choose those that capture their interests and measure up to their abilities. Discussed below are some of types of educational toys you should consider when shopping.


babies-869264_640These are fantastic toys for your children especially girls because they resemble humans and they can easily interact with. Dolls are packed with great potential for teaching kids about themselves as well as the world around them.

Doll play helps to develop cognitive and motor skills, language skills, as well as caring and nurturing skills. This is achieved by manipulating the doll’s moving parts, brushing and fixing their hair, dressing them etc. These are valuable life lessons that will add value to your child’s life. Ensure you choose an ageappropriate doll for your child for optimal benefits.

Stuffed Toys

bear-1032777_640Nowadays, lots of stores are full of stuffed toys because their demand keeps on increasing. Parents are realizing that stuffed toys carry numerous educational benefits for their children irrespective of their age. A majority of the stuffed toys are made of cloth and cotton which makes them cute and soft to handle and the more reason why kids love to hug them and even sleep with them.

Depending on the relationship between your kids and the toys, they may even carry them wherever they go because they feel if left alone they are not safe. Stuffed toys come in different sizes and they enable your child’s recognition to develop. Some of them go ahead to learn the name and the sound of the animals as they befriend them.

Puzzle Toys

If you want to develop the ability of your child to remember something they saw, puzzle toys are the educational toys you should invest in. they not only enhance memorization, but also the power of imagination. As they try to put the pieces together and solve the puzzle, their patience and determination is put to test. The colors, themes, and topics that make puzzle toys enhance the visual awareness of your children as they develop a deeper understanding of the themes and topics.

In addition, puzzles help develop the problem solving skills of your child as well as hand and eye coordination.

Food-Related Toys

Kids love food just like most of us. Food-related toys can play a huge role as a tool to help parents explain to their children the different types of foods available and how important they are in their bodies. The foods come in various shapes and this gives the children an opportunity to recognize the different shapes, patterns, and colors. The child also learns how to sort food according to the toy type, size and texture.

The self-confidence your kids develop in their imagination is amazing with food-related toys. For instance, they can creatively come up with a new recipe by placing their toy peanut butter and jelly sandwich on toy French fries. The beauty with food toys is that they encourage teamwork as the children cook together and teach responsibility because afterwards the kids must clean up their work spaces and their little kitchen counters.

The far toys can go in teaching your children the various skills of life depends on the types of toys you buy them and how you interact with them as they play.

Develop Your Child’s Skills through Educational Toys for Kids
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