Choosing educational toys for your kids is one of the meticulous decisions you will ever decide. Some of the educational toys available now online and in stores are more of technology, henceforth you should take consider what do these educational toys can teach your children.

We have listed some of the educational toys for less than $50.

Brilliant Basics Stack & Nest Pots And Pans

Usual Price: $8

Expose your daughters in cooking as early as they are. This will motivate them to eat vegetables and any other healthy foods you prepare for them. They will easily familiarize themselves to green and healthy foods such as Go, Grow and Glow.



Wooden Mini Around Beads

Usual Price: $6.49

This educational toy is made up of non-toxic paint and it features high quality wood with polished after effects, ensuring that your babies are safe while playing this. Wooden mini around beads teaches your kids to focus, concentrate and balance.

This will also be still useful even when they turned 5 years old, as this is enjoyable, thus ideal activity for them after studying.



Double Sided Small Blackboard Chalkboard

Usual Price: $4.49

Don’t you just hate it, when everytime you’re about to clean your home and your car, there would be always color and drawing marks at the wall or at the backseat? This is the perfect educational toy for your babies, as this tool will enables them to write, draw and play everywhere you go.




Big Hero 6 Armor-Up Baymax Action FigureUsual Price: $36.82

One of the biggest Disney’s movies that has ever made in centuries, Big Hero 6 that gave birth to animated hero which is Baymax. Don’t settle your kids with monstrous action figures, perhaps let them assemble easily Baymax and do the re-enactment some of the best scenes in the movies. This has 20 armor pieces and 14-inch wingspan.


3-D Star Theater 3

Usual Price: 34.98

Help your children to memorize every continent or country worldwide through the use of this educational toy. This serves as their 3D tour of the universe, showcasing the time, date of a certain country. Plus, this can also be used as a lampshade inside of their room during night time.  





Rootvue Farm Garden Laboratory Kit

Usual Price: $34.98

Teach them the art of loving the trees and its fruits, they can plant at least 3 different seeds and witness the actual harvest from time to time. Here are the following inclusions on this educational toy:

  • Styrofoam base with water basin
  • window
  • soil mix wafers and growth chart
  • labels  
  • 16-page guide act as the manual

The educational toys mentioned on this list can be played by infants and children up to 8 years old. It’s about time to make your children be knowledgeable first hand, than embrace the influence of technology in their young age.

These educational toys will help them to be resourceful, skilled and most of all their brains will always be active and creative.

Educational Toys You Can Buy For Less Than $50!