letters-67046_640If there is something phenomenal that can happen to your toddlers and preschoolers is learning letter recognition and the ABCs. Educational toys have taken a front role in showing children the way to go as far as learning the basics of life is concerned. The good thing with educational toys is that they can be used both at home and in the classroom as a teaching tool to help young children get literacy skills.

Below are some of the popular alphabet toys you should consider for your toddlers and preschoolers.

Alphabet Puzzles

These toys provide a multi-learning platform for preschoolers because they help the children learn the alphabet letters as well as help them understand the meaning of cause and effect. In order for children to learn, they must associate whatever they are learning with their senses.

Alphabet Puzzles enable children to touch, see, and feel the shape of every letter individually by simply holding and moving the individual pieces. In addition, puzzles also help promote logical thinking and development of cognitive abilities in children. You can get alphabet puzzles both in upper and lower case formats.

Alphabet Frame 

Whether you want an educational toy for a one on one or small group sessions, Alphabet Frame can enable you do that perfectly well. One of the unique aspects of Alphabet Frame is that it gives the children the ability to associate a letter of the alphabet with a certain picture. Each block has a bright-colored uppercase letter which is printed on one face. The back face of each block there is a picture that carries a printed name starting with the same letter as shown on the front face. In this way, children are able to learn the alphabet much easier by picking a letter and relating it to the corresponding picture.  

ABC Blocks

Learning is a compound activity where children can get a number of concepts simultaneously. ABC Blocks is one such educational toy that combines the fun of playing with a construction toy with the joy of learning the ABCs in a single activity. ABC Blocks are best suited for toddlers and preschoolers. Using this toy, children get the opportunity to interact in a natural collection of colorful pictures, letters, and numbers which are carefully embossed on the four sides of wooden cubes. Also, the children enjoy stacking the wooden blocks one on top of the other and thereafter knocking them down in one swoop. There is lots of entertainment children can derive from ABC blocks. 

ABC Toy Truck

As the name suggests, this is an educational toy that carries a load of ABC Blocks for the children. 

The beauty with this toy is that it will grow with your child right from the moment when he or she learns how to crawl until the time when he learns the first alphabet letter. What this means is your investment will be spread over such a long time and can even be handled over to the next child on line or your neighbor. 

The wooden toy truck is purely handmade from wood locally harvested in Montana. As the children stack the ABC Blocks at the back of the truck and ferry them to their destination, it creates a picture of the learning process and how continuous it ought to be. 

My ABC Thumball 

This is another superb educational toy which combines tow learning activities in one. The kids can use the ball to play catch and throw while at the same time reciting the letters of the alphabet. If you have a preschooler at home, this is one of those toys that can teach them letter identification. My ABC Thumball gives children an opportunity to engage in active play while at the same time learning ABCs and improving their motor skills. 

Educational toys particularly alphabet toys have so much more they can teach your children. How they play and interact with the toys is crucial to them getting the intended skills. 

Learning ABCs with Alphabet Toys
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