child-1420689_640There is a possibility you have heard this statement before that kids learn best by doing. As a matter of fact, all of us do and the human brain retains 95% of what it learns through hands-on activities. Teaching toys are basically educational toys which encourage children to interact actively by doing things rather than reclining and wait to be demonstrated to. There are lots of teaching toys you can use at home as a parent or guardian to motivate your children to learn, play and explore. The following are the main categories of teaching toys.

Toys for Numbering and Counting

If you want your children to be exposed to the world of figures and numbers, investing in teaching toys can be a great idea. The toys in this category are targeted at preschoolers and kindergarteners to introduce them to numbers from 0 to 10.

As early as they are, children ought to learn the meaning of quantity, number sequence, and the symbol or shape associated with each number. Toys like Number Puzzles, Abacus, and Counting Ball are just some of the examples of teaching toys that introduce and give your children a platform to recognize numbers and do counting.

Toys for Teaching Math

These toys are suitable for kindergarteners and children in elementary school. They basically focus on introducing math functions and their applications in life. If your children had the benefit of learning numbers and counting through teaching toys, then teaching them math becomes a continuous process picking up from the previous stage. Children get the opportunity to understand advanced math concepts such as subtraction, addition, and multiplication. Examples of math toys include Numeric Magnets, Math Skills Number Puzzle, and Math Chase.

Teaching Toys for Science

Science is part of our existence and it basically explains many of the things around us and how they came to be. It is important your children learn about scientific facts and concepts before someone introduces them to inappropriate and baseless concepts. To help you take charge of your child’s scientific growth and understanding, science toys are invaluable.

These toys are targeted at children from kindergarten all the way to middle school. The toys deviate from the abstract and dry scientific learning to an interactive and explorative way of learning through hands-on experiments that engage all the senses. Toys to look for in this category include Solar System Simulator, Early Childhood Science Exploration Kit, and Famous Scientists Kits.

Toys to Enhance Cognitive Development

Apart from physical development that involves growth of muscles and bones, your children also need to grow their cognitive abilities. In a nutshell, cognitive growth involves problem solving, creative thinking, and learning abilities. Cognitive skills will help your children tackle day-to-day challenges thrown at them by life.

The toys in this category are specifically designed to enhance and cultivate brain development in children who are between three and seven years of age. The toys enhance the capacity of the children to memorize, process, analyze, and remember functions and information. Examples of toys to look for include Picture Guessing Game, Puzzles and Fun with Curves.

Teaching Toys for Writing and Spelling

The cornerstone of communication lies in the ability to write and speak. By introducing your children early enough to different aspects of writing and spelling, you are creating a reservoir of knowledge and familiarity with words and vocabulary. These educational toys are purposely designed to enhance and promote literacy skills in children from kindergarten up until second grand elementary school. Toys to look out for in this category include Guess the Word, Alphabet Puzzles, and Spellmaster.

Getting the appropriate educational toys for your child can lead to an intellectual transformation and growth.

Teaching Toys – Learning through Hands-On Play Activities
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