Many believe that using gadgets to develop your kids’ skills is useful, due to its advancement. Believe it or not, educational toys are still one of the best you can give to your toddlers and growing kids.

Everything you prepare for them, helps them to recognize their five senses like the sense of touch, taste, sound and color. If you prefer them to learn through gadgets, they might not discover and feel first-hand the learning experience they need to be taught of.



Why Educational Toys Still Matter?

  1.    Direct communication with parents and relatives is the best learning communication tool for toddlers.

Parents who chose to communicate with their kids, help them to develop their trustability by simply talking to them. Children who grew up with the influence of technology tends to communicate with other people and strangers through social media websites. There would be a tendency that at their young age, much not-so-good influences can lead them to life bad decisions.

  1.    Children will never experience the true joy.

Children who embrace too many effects of technology acts ahead of their age, they will no longer experience the beauty of the natural enjoyment such as: playing with other kids outside of your home, enjoying a cooking session with you in the kitchen, learning the art of having a backyard with their daddy.

Technology attracts children too early, to the extent that it made them too lazy to do household chores at the right age.

  1.    Educational toys are healthier than playing gadgets all the time.

Kathy Hirsh-Pasek, the Temple University Developmental Psychologist explains that educational toys are healthier to play for the kids compared to gadgets. She believes that children were born as creative problem-solvers, they are intended to discover their skills that can make them active both physically and mentally.

Aside from that, Roberta Golinkoff the co-author of Einstein in “Never Used Flashcards” book, she has mentioned that if the kids play with educational toys, it allows them to be explorers in their own way and thus, important lessons in life and mastering their world are one of the best inclusions brought by educational toys.

  1.    Educational toys engage your kids to interact with others.

While most of the parents nowadays prefer to use their mobile phones or tablet to watch alphabets video on youtube due to its accessibility, using too many gadgets in an entire day made them obese.

Imagine your kids watching educational videos on their tablet, this does not make them healthy by sitting all day and watching videos. There is no exercise being implemented at all.

29% of children use gadgets during their toddler years and nevertheless, they are able to completely master the technology 70% during their primary school age which is not good.

It’s better to let them experience the true joy by spending with you while they play educational toys, they learn how to be organized, problem solver and a tendency to have an open communication with you, rather than spending all day watching videos online without interaction.

Why Educational Toys Still Matter Despite The Evolution Of Technology